Free explorers, custodians of loyalty, sun worshippers, accomplices to living, today we feel bound to share this urgency with the world, this feeling that comes over us every day and drives us. Freedom. A huge word that sits in the palm of your hand. It’s in all our hands. We want to share this freedom, and we want to do so by respecting our home. By respecting the world. Dépêche-toi is our passkey, a simple decision which is as unique as we are. Respect accompanies this decision. Stories about women, men, and the world they live in.


Dépêche-toi originates from one of the oldest and renowned textile districts in Italy, a brand whose DNA is 100% recycled, just like the fabrics and wool used in the making of its garments. Decades of sartorial tradition in the skillful hands of Tuscan artisans guarantee premium quality and the creation of timeless pieces, designed to accompany every step in the world. Deliberately genderless, the Dépêche-toi trench coat is sheer elegance, freedom and respect, three interpretations of the first chapter of an exciting story we want to share.

A design created
to excite people

Noluisse suscipit interpretaris duo id utamur legendos cum autem iusto ac democritum ne cum. Ne quo consul democritum, legimus probo.

Size table
SIZE diam.
S 58 cm
M 59 cm
L 60 cm